This weeks 10 Minute presentation - Atlantean Na Mara

This week 10 minute presentation was delivered by Garry Monaghan of Atlantean Na Mara.


Garry is a founding member of an exciting and innovative new company called Atlantean Na Mara. Based in Ireland, they have developed and produced a great range of products using seaweed and hemp for the beauty industry, with plans to expand into home cleaning products, pet food and more.

The company is currently looking for people to come onboard as part of their direct selling team. Relationship-based direct selling has many advantages over shop shelves, offering an effective method to generate awareness about the unique benefits of the product line.
Additionally, direct selling offers satisfied customers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop a business partnership with Atlantean on a full or part time basis.

You can contact Garry below if you are looking foir an additional revenue stream and would like to know more about this exciting business opportunity.

Garry Monagham - 07849 339 795